New York BizLab to Expand to 267 State Street

New York BizLab to Expand to 267 State Street

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October 4, 2016


New York BizLab to Expand to 267 State Street 

Schenectady County will Move DMV Office to 2025 State Street

Project Boosts Downtown and Woodlawn Neighborhood

(Schenectady County, NY)  Schenectady County officials today joined with Antonio Civitella, founder of the New York BizLab and CEO of Transfinder, to announce an expansion of the business accelerator located at 251 State Street in downtown Schenectady.  Mr. Civitella has signed a contract to purchase 267 State Street from Schenectady County and will expand the BizLab.

“In a year and a half since we opened for business, we have nearly filled the space with some of Tech Valley’s most promising startup companies. The New York BizLab brand is getting bigger and stronger as the Capital Region is attracting more talent. We want to bring them here in Schenectady,” Civitella said. Among the six companies located in the BizLab are SureDone, a New York City-based ecommerce company that is expanding in Schenectady, and Furlocity, which relocated its operations from San Diego.

The County will use proceeds from the sale and annual savings of almost $30,000 per year paid to lease parking at the current site to purchase 2025 State Street, a former IHOP in the Woodlawn neighborhood. The County will purchase 2025 State Street for $600,000. The County also hopes to boost the fee income it receives from DMV transactions by moving to the new location.

“In a short time, Tony Civitella and the New York BizLab have exceeded expectation, bringing innovative start-ups and new jobs to Schenectady County,” said Anthony Jasenski, Chairman of the Schenectady County Legslature.  “By moving the DMV office, the County allows the BizLab to further expand and recruit new businesses into our rejuvenated downtown while filling an empty building on Upper State Street and boosting the customer service experience for our residents.”

The New York BizLab was founded in 2013. The facility currently houses six businesses in a large renovated former bank building. As the BizLab is nearing full occupancy Mr. Civitella approached the County to purchase the DMV building at 267 State Street to create more room for early stage tech companies that receive support services and share experiences together at the facility.


About the New York BizLab

The New York BizLab,, is a business accelerator located in Schenectady, New York. It is focused on helping tech companies grow smart and grow fast. The BizLab has state-of-the-art space, 1Gig Internet access and more than 30 CEOs and entrepreneurs in its stable of advisers. The BizLab, which is a Start-Up NY-approved site, was founded by Antonio Civitella, the president and CEO of Transfinder, a global logistics software company that has been featured on Inc. magazine’s fastest-growing companies’ list for the past 10 years.