Metroplex Board Approves Four Projects

Metroplex Board Approves Four Projects

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Metroplex Board Approves Four Projects

Schenectady, N.Y., May 21, 2014 — The Board of Directors of the Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority met this evening and approved four projects.

The Board approved a contract for $1,089,000 for Callanan Industries of Schenectady to install new curbs, sidewalks, streetscape improvements and pave lower State Street from Erie Boulevard to South Church Street.  Callanan submitted the low bid for the project.

Ray Gillen, Metroplex Chair said, “This contract award continues our strong redevelopment push toward lower State Street. Work is finishing up on the former Spencer Business School, the renovations at the Kindl Building at 201 State Street looks terrific and work is set to start shortly on the former MVP building. We have very strong interest in lower State right now and we need to invest in the streetscape in this area to really make this part of downtown as attractive and as pedestrian friendly as the Proctors Block.”

The Metroplex Board also approved a contract award to Luizzi Brothers for $434,800.  The company was low bidder on this project which involves the reconstruction of the Franklin/Liberty Parking lot and the construction of a landscaped pedestrian pathway that will connect Metroplex parking lots at the corner of Broadway and Liberty Streets to Center City and the Proctors Block.

“We have great parking assets and this project will improve one of our key parking lots downtown.  The new pedestrian pathway will connect our parking lots in this area of downtown to Center City and the Proctors Block and this will be another major improvement to this area,” Gillen said.

A major façade project downtown was also approved by the Board.  A $75,000 grant will improve 151 Lafayette Street located at the corner of Lafayette and Franklin Street.  JT Pollard, owner of Re4orm Architects located at 323 Clinton Street purchased the building from the City of Schenectady last year for $115,000.  He cleaned up the site and is investing over $700,000 to transform the building into retail and commercial space. A CrossFit fitness facility and a hot yoga/Pilates studio have already signed leases to occupy space in the building.

Ray Gillen, Metroplex Chair said, “We are excited about JT Pollard’s plans for this building. He is doing a great job with the renovations and this project is going to really improve a key corner downtown.”

JT Pollard said, “I am investing in Schenectady because I believe in the community and the vision that is in place for the redevelopment of downtown.  This project will add to progress being made every day to redevelop and rebuild downtown Schenectady.”

Finally, the Board approved a $450,000 grant for Quirky Inc. The company recently opened a 22,000 square foot office at the Center City building. The project brings a fast growing tech company and 180 new jobs to downtown Schenectady.  Quirky is working with GE and other companies as well as a large on-line audience to bring new products to market. The new Quirky office in Schenectady was announced on March 27th. The office opened on schedule on May 5th.