Welcome Back, SCCC: A Parking Primer

Welcome Back, SCCC: A Parking Primer

Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority, along with Laz Parking, would like to welcome back Schenectady County Community College (SCCC) students. With classes now in session, the time has come again to provide all students with a refresher on Schenectady Parking’s best practices, tips, and information on getting the latest news and updates.

Parking Policies

Parking is available to all SCCC students taking classes at Center City at two locations only: the Broadway Parking Garage at 220 Broadway and the Liberty Street Lot at 423 Liberty Street.

Upon entering the Broadway parking garage, students will need to pull a ticket at the entrance gate. A parking stub must be obtained at the Liberty Street lot. Either the ticket or stub must be validated on Center City’s second-floor lobby to obtain free parking.

Any tickets or stubs must be presented to the Laz Parking attendant at the respective lot. Students who fail to get their tickets or stubs validated will be charged at normal parking rates.

Please note: SCCC students are not permitted to park in any other parking lots, and will be turned away by parking attendants upon arrival. Rude or inappropriate behavior is not tolerated. We ask that all students show parking attendants courtesy and respect.

Stay Connected

Starting this year, Schenectady Parking is becoming more interactive! In addition to sharing alerts and news on this Web site, we will now publish parking alerts, weather advisories, news, and other information on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We also have an e-mail newsletter we send out periodically to keep Schenectady parkers abreast of the latest news and advisories. We ask that all SCCC students sign up for these services to ensure they stay informed of all-parking related information in Schenectady.

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