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Your Guide to Schenectady Parking


Our parking facilities are owned by Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority. Laz Parking, a premier national provider of parking services, operates our 10 lots, plus the Broadway Garage. We provide affordable parking to downtown businesses, their customers, visitors, and show-goers in Schenectady.


Schenectady’s parking lots are the ideal place to leave your vehicle, with Laz attendants at every location. Whether you’re heading to a show at Proctors, want to catch a movie at Bowtie, or simply need a place to park each day for work, our 10 lots and 2,350 spaces will accommodate your needs.


Our parking lots are conveniently located throughout downtown, well-lit, monitored by security cameras, and staffed by Laz attendants who are always ready to assist you.


Heading to a show at Proctors or Bow Tie Cinema? Looking for a spot on Broadway that’s close to your office? No matter where you go in Schenectady, we’re there. We offer a 1,200-space parking garage to complement our 1,150 surface lot spaces.


Parking in one of our lots provides you the comfort you desire when leaving your car all day or during an event. Our lots are monitored by Laz Parking officials and are well-lit. We strive to provide the finest parking experience.

What is the difference?

Easy Access

Regardless of where you need to be, we’re there.

Event Parking

Wedding? Proctors? We’ll be there when you need us.

Save Time

Sign up with us and you’ll always have a place to park.

Friendly Staff

Our well-lit lots are staffed by friendly Laz Parking attendants.

Why Schenectady Parking?

Here’s why you should park with us:

  • Flexible parking options, regardless of need
  • Ideal locations for any need
  • Open daily and for events

What You Need to Know

  • Employees who work in Downtown Schenectady can obtain monthly parking permits. Prices vary depending on the chosen lot. Click here to learn more
  • Downtown Schenectady is alive with events nearly every night. To accommodate patrons to those events, we offer easy access to any one of our lots.Click here to learn more
  • We are proud to offer fully handicap-accessible lots across Downtown Schenectady. In total, we have more than 100 handicap parking spots, ensuring all of our patrons can go where they want, when they want. Click here to learn more


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Laz Parking’s customer service philosophy is committed to providing superior parking services. Laz’s core values include its commitment to people, respect, honest, integrity, and trust.